Nia is for the bold, bright, energetic young woman who loves life and inspires others. The words on Nia’s package were recommended by young women in Nairobi who told us their favorite inspirational sayings. Nia helps every girl live her purpose with confidence. 

Nia is sold in packs of 8 pads per pack in both Regular and Super. Nia is also offered in a value pack containing 2 Regular 8-packs and 2 Super 8-packs, with or without one-size-fits-most tie-ons.
Perfect for back-to-school!

Nia Regular 8-pack – 50KES
Nia Super 8-pack  -  60KES
Nia Value Pack (no tie-on) – 210KES
Nia Value Pack (with tie-on) – 315KES